Sunday 22nd November
November Reflection & Meditation


Mark & Debbie

Greetings from Wallaceton.

It is now 6 months since I was inducted (via Skype) as your Minister – unique at the time!

We still find ourselves in strange times … and those times are set to continue for a good while yet!

CoVID has cut across ‘normal’ life in ways we could not have imagined when I accepted the call to be your Minister here in the Cairn Valley!  2020 will certainly be a year to remember.

As churches we have had to try new things!  Zoom, YouTube, Facebook, etc have been adopted as tools for sharing the Good News about Jesus – very different from the usual Church of Scotland format for worship and prayer.  I’ve had to learn new skills – computers are not really my thing.  Thanks to those from our congregations who have worked hard behind the scenes to get us online so effectively, and our musicians who have adapted so ably to the demands of ‘live’ performance.

Thanks also to the Elders who have maintained contact and care for God’s flock and neighbours and the wider community.  Thanks to all who have helped neighbours, delivered groceries, cooked meals, phoned the lonely, Skyped family, waved at passers-by, and generally shown the best of humanity.

We approach a time of Remembrance – All Saints Day, Bonfire Night, Remembrance Sunday, Armistice Day.  Many of us have lost loved ones this year but been unable to mark their passing and celebrate the lives of those we love but see no longer.  We hope to have the church open for quiet remembrance on the afternoon of Sunday 1st November.  We will remember Jesus as we celebrate Holy Communion together via Zoom on Thursday 5th November.  We will gather, young and old alike in Remembrance and commit ourselves to seeking peace in the world.  Watch for details of exact times and arrangements nearer the time as these events may be affected by any changes in CoVID regulations.

We continue to meet via Zoom every Sunday morning (10.30am) and open our doors for Prayer and Reflection once a month at 3pm (2nd Sunday in Moniaive, 4th Sunday in Dunscore).  I hope to be able to expand this during Advent as we prepare for Christmas – again watch for details.  Unfortunately, with the latest increase in restrictions, it looks unlikely that we will be physically together for our Christmas celebrations!  This will be especially hard for those not connected to the internet – please bear these folk in mind as winter draws in.

As Autumn progresses enjoy the changing colours, richer sunlight,and the fruits.

God Bless & elbow bumps,