ALLELUIA!  Christ is Risen!

He is Risen indeed!  ALLELUIA!

BUT … we are celebrating Jesus leaving His Disciples!  His Ascension left them behind.  Without His physical presence what were they to do?

They kept meeting, sharing, praying, as they anticipated what He had promised – the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in a new way.  We do not have Jesus’ physical presence but we can learn from the Disciples as we meet, share, and pray, seeking the (literal) inspiration of the Holy Spirit to make Jesus as real to us as He was to them!

Ascension is about going up … today Brian McBride (now COVID-free) will join with us and share about those who take to the skies with MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship) seeking to share the real Love of Jesus through practical help in remote areas of the world.

I have been ‘up’ in Edinburgh (by Zoom) at the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland this past week.  A privilege and a challenge in these times of change!

Our Kirk Sessions and Boards meet together this week (Tues 31st) to look ahead at change of times!

How we plan our worship and activities as we face change under the revised levels of Ministry is vital – pray for our Elders and Board members to have wisdom, imagination and (most of all) the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.  Let us know any ideas, comments, or concerns, about service times and formats and how they work to best serve the Mission of the Church in our communities.

So we join together on the great journey of faith, following Jesus, the Way, step by step.

God Bless,