The Session:  The Session is made up of Elders.  The Session is responsible for all spiritual aspects of the church and church life.  These include arrangements for the sacraments of baptism and Holy Communion, the education of youngsters and responsibility for all youth organisations linked to the church.  In addition, the Session is has responsibility for all activities within the church itself.  The session normally meets around four times a year and is led by the minister as Moderator in conjunction with the Session Clerk.  Elders are appointed by the Session.

The Board: We aim for our Board to be a cross-section of the congregation with the remit of dealing with all non-spiritual church matters from leaking roofs to increased church giving.  The Board meets around six times a year and is made up of Elders and members of the congregation. The ‘executive’ positions on the Board are elected annually for a period of three years and comprise the Chairman, Clerk to the Board, Treasurer and Fabric Convenor.