Musings from the Manse

Catch up with Reverend Mark Smith’s seasonal thoughts, comments and wonderings in his “Musings from the Manse” blog.

Musings – June 2024

Jun 6, 20244 min read
Dunscore Church, Easter Sunday

Musings from the Manse … As we face the usual Summer mish-mash – blazing sun, cold winds, heavy rain – it reminds us to be ready for anything!  Those of you who were Scouts or Guides will know how important it is to be prepared – it’s not all knobbly-knees, dodgy…

Musings – January 2024

Jan 13, 20243 min read
Musings – January 2024

Welcome to 2024 … Anno Domini! After the usual cluster of Bank Holidays, the tail-end of school holidays, and the travel chaos of all other holidays, AD2024 is under way. I would like to think that this year will be a year of Hope, Peace, Joy, and Love for all…

Musings – November 2023

Nov 13, 20233 min read
Musings – November 2023

Remember the past … look to the future! Tatty picking is over … it’s time to look ahead as the year draws to an end. And we start by looking backwards! REMEMBRANCE comes as we once again face a world at war – Ukraine, the Middle East, and so many…

Musings – August 2023

Aug 13, 20233 min read
Flower Festival

Autumn arrives – let’s celebrate!? Whenever you think Autumn normally begins – 1st August (Lammas Day) with the start of harvest, or when the schools go back, or 1st September (meteorologically speaking), or the Autumn Equinox (21st September) astronomically speaking – it feels like it’s been with us for a…

Musings – June 2023

Jun 13, 20233 min read
Dunscore Church Eco Repair Shop

A Summer to Join in with … Summer is peaking early this year! After the rain and cloud and cold winds, we’re in a heatwave! With the lighter evenings and school holidays looming, we love to feel the warmth of the sun, the grass beneath our feet, the gentle warm…

Musings – March 2023

Mar 13, 20233 min read
Hillside Hallelujah Service

Hosanna to Hallelujah … and beyond! Spring has sprung! By the time you read this, we will have passed the Vernal Equinox, changed our clocks to British Summer Time, and be enjoying the flowers appearing in the fields, verges, and gardens. Signs of new life everywhere! From ancient times, people…