Keep KitKat Fairtrade

Event Details

If you can spare just a few minutes on Monday evening, please join the Fairtrade group at 7:30 pm.

Nestle plans that KitKat will no longer be Fairtrade with the consequent damage to the lives of cocoa producers and farmers.  The Fairtrade Yorkshire group is running a petition (please sign this) and nearly 300,000 have signed asking them to #keepkitkatfairtrade.  They have asked local Fairtrade groups to support them as they will hand in the petition in the next few days.

As a Fairtrade Village we have organised a short Zoom meeting and will photograph / video this for the campaign.  Please join us if you possibly can – it will only take a few minutes – it would be wonderful to have folk from across the village and beyond!

If you can join tomorrow (Monday) evening at 7:30 pm please do so.  Please be ready with some paper and a pen (a marker pen would be best but any pen will do!).  We’ll explain more tomorrow!  If you have a Fairtrade T shirt or similar, please wear it.

Join at this link any time from 7:25 pm.