Together at Home

Event Details

Join in prayer, thought and reflection each Sunday and Thursday evening at 7pm and, as we pray in the name of Jesus, the Holy Spirit will unite us across the distancing.

Prayer of the week

Lord, help me do all the good I can
by all the means I can,
in all the ways I can,
in all the places I can,
at all the times I can,
to all the people I can,
for as long as I can.
For the sake of Jesus, my precious Saviour.

Prayer Theme

Ask God’s help to be a channel to spread His Love and Peace around.


Light a candle.
Look at pictures of friends / family / congregation.
Listen to restful music.

Romans 8:12-27 {

YOU can help …

  • If you have a helpful prayer
  • If you have any beautiful pictures
  • If you have any encouraging stories

Let Lindsay, Mark, Matthew or Max have them to share with everyone.

Don’t forget to pass on this weeks Church Family Notices to neighbours and friends if you are able.

Notes for inclusion in this months CFNs to Colin by Friday midday please.
Tel. 01387 020455.