Musings – August 2023

Autumn arrives – let’s celebrate!?

Whenever you think Autumn normally begins – 1st August (Lammas Day) with the start of harvest, or when the schools go back, or 1st September (meteorologically speaking), or the Autumn Equinox (21st September) astronomically speaking – it feels like it’s been with us for a few weeks already!

As life returns to its regular routines with school days and community groups restarting, do you feel like celebrating?

I hope so, because we have a lot to celebrate!

The current Dunscore Church building was opened in 1823 – signed off on 15th October – and has served the local community ever since. That is something to celebrate! And that’s how September starts…

The Village Flower Festival reflects the variety of community groups which thrive in Dunscore today and the Heritage Centre reminds us of times past and the characters who have made this area their home. Our 200 th Anniversary Weekend will stir memories and hopefully inspire us for the future of our community and church.

When we remember people like Jane Haining, and those who’ve served as Elders and Ministers across the generations, we don’t just put them back on the shelf – we should stop and think about what guided their actions and shaped the example they give us. Or, should I say, who…

Our Connect Bible Study Group are restarting with a Bring & Share Supper (7th Sep, 7.30pm), then looking at various Saints (Biblical & local) to learn from their example and see how God works in

the lives of ‘ordinary’ people from all sorts of backgrounds and in all sorts of circumstances. It might ring some bells with you!

As the leaves start to change colour, then fall to the ground, we enjoy the fruits of the fields and hedgerows and we celebrate harvest at the end of September (24th ). As the nights continue to draw in and darkness looms, we celebrate Holy Communion (October 1st ) as we remember Jesus’ darkest hour as He died on the Cross to bring God’s light into our lives in a new way.

Simply put, the Church exists to point us to Jesus, the ultimate example of how to live a life of love and grace, focussed on serving others rather than our own personal ends. However amazing our

special events are, the best way for us to celebrate the Church serving our community is to carry on the good work!

May God Bless you.