Musings – June 2023

A Summer to Join in with …

Summer is peaking early this year! After the rain and cloud and cold winds, we’re in a heatwave! With the lighter evenings and school holidays looming, we love to feel the warmth of the sun, the grass beneath our feet, the gentle warm breeze on our faces … we want to be part of what is going on around us. We want to join in …

It’s natural to want to be part of something outside ourselves. It gives us a sense of belonging that we don’t get when we’re on our own. Whether we try to be one with nature, or outscore our virtual friends via the internet, or follow the best football team (no Treble-gloating here), we gain from joining in.

I would like to challenge you, reader, to join in … there is so much going on in and around Dunscore that no-one should miss out! Watch the noticeboards around the village and the Social Media to see what you can be part of. Joining-in is great fun, good for mental well-being, and makes a huge difference to our community.

Jesus was a great one for joining-in. He went to weddings, visited the dying and bereaved, popped in at the local synagogues, had a go at fishing, dined with whoever invited Him, was part of the crowds at the big festivals, spoke to the ‘unclean’ and unwell, saved a woman from being stoned by a mob, generally put Himself ‘out there’! We are called to follow His example as we join in life.

Enjoy the celebrations, share in sad times, be part of what is going on around us. It is an essential part of our make-up as human beings to be part of families, neighbourhoods, communities. You’ll make new friends, learn new skills, and be part of something bigger.

At Church we are holding Join In July – more than just poetic tag lines, an opportunity to be part of something big. A worldwide movement which started over 2,000 years ago and is still spreading today! The New Life of Easter is carried in those who follow Jesus, whose lives are filled by the Holy Spirit, filled with Love and Grace to share. Our current building has served the village for 200 of those years – join the celebrations later in the year.

We end July with Communion – reminding us of Jesus’ Love shown on the Cross – a time for everybody to have the opportunity to remember Jesus. ALL are welcome to join in this act of worship. No qualifications or membership or checklist – ALL are welcome!

That goes for all of our activities and services – you’ll make new friends, learn new skills, and be part of something bigger.

Watch out for …

Café Church Summer Specials … bring your sun-hat, deck-chair, life-jacket(!?).

Gala Praise in the Marquee …

200th Anniversary celebrations at the start of September …

Two words … Join In!

May God Bless you.