Musings – June 2024

Musings from the Manse …

As we face the usual Summer mish-mash – blazing sun, cold winds, heavy rain – it reminds us to be ready for anything!  Those of you who were Scouts or Guides will know how important it is to be prepared – it’s not all knobbly-knees, dodgy knots and pen-knives!  Thinking Day has come and gone, but any day can be a day for reflection and thoughtfulness.

As you may expect, Sunday by Sunday I have to work out how to explain the inexplicable, how to untangle the greatest mystery of all – God’s Love for me!

In Church we’ve celebrated Christmas, fasted through Lent, mourned on Good Friday, celebrated Eater Day, looked heavenwards on Ascension Day, waited for Pentecost Sunday and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, and tried to wrap our feeble brains round the Trinity!  Surely it’s time for a rest?

In reality all the significant dates highlighted in the traditional church calendar mark truthes which we remember all year round – Jesus came to earth as a human, changed lives through teaching, healing, encouraging, then died, rose again, and is now our Friend in Heaven.  We might feel down or sad at Christmas time or Easter time, we may feel elated and joyful on Good Friday, we could feel alone and lost on Pentecost Sunday.  Life simply does not match the planned calendar.

Just as Scouts and Guides don’t just think on Thinking Day, so as Christians we remember the whole story of the mystery of God’s Love every day.  Not just Sundays or Festivals … every day.

In a Summer of holidays, Gala week, and so much else, real life still goes on … warts and all!

Jesus lived alongside real people with real needs and real lives.  He joined-in celebrations, shared in grief, healed the sick, trudged dusty roads, forgave the corrupt and immoral, challenged stereotypes, spoke with ‘untouchables’, embraced foreigners, ate with strangers.  A full life.

Back to the inexplicable – God Loves you.  Not because you deserve it.  Not because you understand the theology.  Not because you do the right things at the right time.  Not because you’re from the right background or family.  Put simply – God Loves you unconditionally, just because …

However grand and exciting I try to make the Good News of God’s Love sound, it is something for every day, not just high days and holy days, not just Sundays and Festivals.  Every day in the everyday we can know God’s Love.  In the ups and downs, ins and outs, we can trust our Friend.  We don’t have to go through life alone.

The Beatles sang “ All you need is love.”  They were right.

However, to know real Love, God’s Love, we must simply believe for ourselves.  No-one else can do it for us.  Perhaps the lyric should be “All you need is faith”!

Dunscore Church is full of ordinary people – baffled, needy, undeserving, vulnerable, lonely, weak.

Dunscore Church is full of special people – special because they know they are loved by God.

Dunscore Church is full of people who are on a journey of faith, learning about the mystery of Love alongside each other, together in the desire to receive what God has for them every day.

Dunscore Church is full of people like YOU!

Dunscore Church is YOUR LOCAL CHURCH.

Why not join us each Sunday morning to find out more about the greatest mystery of all?  The mystery of the everyday nature of God’s Love shown in Jesus.

May God Bless you.