Updated Covid Guidelines – April 2020


Most of you will have heard about the changes to COVID rules affecting Places of Worship.

These mean that we are no longer required by law to wear masks during worship, meetings, or when singing in church.  We can also sit closer together as distancing rules have been eased too!

We have been looking forward to this for a long time, but some of you may still be a bit nervous about going mask-free or getting closer together, especially with the current outbreaks of COVID in our communities.

We want to make sure that everybody feels safe when coming into our buildings so in our churches (St Ninian’s, Moniaive and Dunscore Church) we still have some seats set out for social-distancing (1m apart) and the choice of whether to wear a mask is yours alone.

We look forward to welcoming back those who have been put off by mask-wearing rules, whilst keeping as safe as possible, as we celebrate Holy Week and Easter together.